Past is Prologue

Yesterday marked a historic day. November 22, 1963. It was a Friday. 52 years ago, the world was altered. 52 years after, we’re still arguing about what exactly happened.

Perhaps it’s odd that someone of my age took any interest into the Kennedy Assassination. I wasn’t alive 53 years ago. I have to hand it to my father, who has always been my biggest influence as far as research is concerned. I remember being a kid and finding my dad’s stack of books about the Kennedy Assassination. I remember thumbing through a copy of David Lifton’s Best Evidence and being fascinated with the black & white picture insets included. Some of it was pretty gory since it contained the autopsy pictures but the pictures that really grabbed me were the ones taken during and after the shooting. The panic in Dealey Plaza. A lot of these pictures were blurry, mysterious. They almost seemed as if they were grabbed directly from someone’s hazy, aging memory. There was something distinctly dreamlike about it.

I remember talking to my dad about it from time to time. I remember him analyzing the Zapruder Film on VHS tape and taking notes. He’d pick out tiny details that would seem absurd. I used to think that the purpose of this whole assassination research thing was to find the shooters or some direct evidence of other shooters. However, I recall my dad writing in a notebook and, instead of pointing out inconsistencies in the Warren Commission Report, they’d be direct observations. The notes would contain single sentences like “man with coat (?) over wall” and “Babushka Lady visible in these frames” or “object in grass after 313” and “where are men on steps?”. As a teenager, I didn’t really get it, but later it made sense. The event is not exactly a murder mystery, it’s history. Historians document even the smallest details in order to fill out the larger picture. There are still many faucets in the JFK Assassination that have yet to be considered or even explored.

I didn’t really dive into serious research until 2010. Before that I did a few research papers and presentations in high school and in college comp courses but it was mostly rudimentary exposition. The first book that got me hooked was, incredibly, Best Evidence which was the book that had really grabbed my attention in the first place. I actually borrowed it from my father and read it. I remember not being able to put it down. Despite its rather outrageous central thesis, it was riveting and well-researched. From that point forward, I began buying more books and videos and now have an extensive library of assassination materials. I made my first visit to Dealey Plaza in March 2013 and have been back three times since. Being able to stand in front of the North Pergola on the Grassy Knoll or standing next to the sniper’s nest on the sixth floor of the former Texas School Book Depository was particularly revelatory. At times, my visits were even poignant seeing the looks on the faces of people visiting Dealey Plaza who were alive at the time that President Kennedy died and the realization that human history took a dark turn at what’s essentially a peaceful little park in the heart of America.

When I started my research, I bought into almost any conspiracy theory that appeared. I used to imagine shooters hiding around every corner of Dealey Plaza. However, as I read and researched more, the more outrageous and outlandish theories evaporated and some five years later, I find myself with a completely different series of findings and beliefs than I did when I first began this journey. The history of the event is hazy, such as those photographs I saw all those years ago, but it doesn’t have to be any longer. New information and witnesses has come forward. Technology has helped enhance the fading films and photographs. All of this evidence is connected and researchers need to cooperate and look at the information in different lights to pull the threads together. I believe we all seek the same results: the truth.

This website will serve as my primary blog detailing my continuing research into the death of our youngest president. I did have another blog but will most likely transfer, and even reassess, those entries and publish the updated versions here. I think it’s smart to revisit and update previous information to match with the latest information available. Also, I will publish book and video reviews of assassination related material.  I hope to return to Dallas sometime next month (December 2015) when the Fall semester ends. As a sneak preview, I’m focusing on movements of witnesses in Dealey Plaza before, during, and after the shooting. I think it’s important to figure out were everyone was because (unfortunately) the official record can be somewhat lacking. I promise, there’s a lot of information coming.

In closing today, I want to personally thank everyone who reads this. I felt it was important to establish some background before diving into the more academic side of things. I sometimes feel that the point gets lost that the information we know about the Kennedy Assassination today is the result of the years and hard work of thousands of men and women. The title of this blog derives from a note I found written on the inside cover of a first edition copy of Mark Lane’s Rush to Judgment. It simply read “To my parents, in search of veritas. Christmas 1966.” Veritas is the Latin word for truth. I think its important to always remember the human contribution to our history  and the ultimate cost of those contributions to our present and our future.

52 years ago, the world was altered. 52 years later, we still question what happened. Let’s change that starting today.

Thurman Lee Storing

Monday, November 23rd, 2015




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2 Responses to Past is Prologue

  1. John Corbett says:

    There is no mystery. The case was solved within hours. Oswald snuck his rifle into his workplace and when JFK rode by in a slow moving open top car he stuck the rifle out the window and shot him. Twice. The evidence of that is overwhelming. In over 52 year no one has produced a scrap of credible evidence he had even a single accomplice in the crime. Anyone who refuses to accept that simple fact is only fooling themselves. Anyone who remains confused as to what happened does so by choice.


    • John,

      Thank you for your comment and reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated.

      I feel that I need to reiterate that this blog is not particularly aimed at what can be labeled the classic lone gunman versus conspiracy debate. I lean more toward lone gunman but prefer to keep an open mind. At this point, I’m concerned with the actions and movements of eyewitnesses in Dealey Plaza and how that all fits into a larger picture. If anything, I want to make clear that I’m not here to push an agenda.

      Once again, John, I appreciate the feedback.


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